Waterproof and Tarnish Free

Waterproof and Tarnish Free Stainless Steel - so that you never have to take off your jewelry. Shower, exercise, sleep, dance or spend all day at the beach with your jewelry on, it won’t change or lose its color.


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  • What is Stainless Steel?

    Stainless Steel is a material made from a mixture of iron and other metals. It's highly resistent to rusting and corrosion which makes it a surperior material for high quality and durable jewelry.

  • It's in the details

    Compared to Brass and Copper which are materials traditionally used to make jewelry, Stainless Steel is not affected by exposure to water, sweat, air or oxygen.

  • Don't worry darling

    Nori has put the jewelry through extensive testing to make sure it can withstand her everyday life. Work, Workout, Sweat, Soap, Perfume, Lotion, and an entire summer in the sea - the color didn't change.